Online Work Order Suite (OWOS): Lite Edition for ASP 3.30 -

Online Work Order Suite: Lite Edition for ASP 3.30

Lite Edition
1 yr. Support - $150.00

Lite Edition
No Support - $100.00

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Make your life easier with Online Work Order Suite (OWOS) Lite, the simple web-based help desk solution. OWOS Lite helps you simplify support requests, e-mail communication, organize planning and scheduling, and provide powerful access to the information you need.


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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or higher
512 MB of RAM
25 MB of hard-disk space


    Data Checking/Validation

    Work orders submitted by users is checked for validation

    • Data Validation (Users have the chance to make corrections and be told they have made an error while filling out the request)
    • Error Checking (Fields are checked for the correct data type and length)

    Multiple Table Views

    Users can view data in many different formats and get specific data depending on requests

    • Work Order Status View (Queue, New, In Progress, and Completed)
    • Modify Work Orders (Work orders once submitted can be easily edited and deleted)
    • Quick View (Each work order can be quickly viewed in a web friendly format)

    Email Notification

    Technicians and users are notified via email when changes to their work orders occur.

    • New Work Orders (Mailed with details to the user that made the request and specified technicians)
    • Completed Work Orders (Mailed with a web link to the user that made the request and specified technicians)
    • Alert Priority Work Orders (Mailed to all technicians with an urgent status marking on the email)
    • Deleted Work Orders (Mailed to specified technicians)
    • Updated Work Orders (No email is sent)

    Printer friendly reports allow you to view Queue, New, In Progress, and Completed.


    All fields or individual fields are fully searchable.


    Full statistics by Building, Technician, Computer, Room, Status.

Other Forms of Payment

E-mail, fax (734-902-6180) or send a check/PO to us:
3401 S. Crestview Dr.
Columbia, MO 65203


Includes 24/7 email support. Additional year of updates/support is 25% of initial purchase.

Change Log

  • + Email support no longer requires ASPEmail component
  • + Now HTML5 compliant
  • - Fixed XSS Vulnerability
  • - Fixed SQL Injection Vulnerability (CAN-2005-3852)
  • + Added additional security hardening to protect against SQL Injection and XSS
  • + Added EmailAllTechnicians setting to allow all technicians to be notified of a new work order regardless if it was a high priority.
  • + Refreshed graphics
  • = Rewrote to bring up to speed with the professional version.
  • + Added javascript validation to lessen the hits on the server. Server-side validation is till turned on in case a browser has javascript turned off.
  • = Removed the verification script. This was causing more problems than it was solving.
  • = Renamed various files and moved into a directory structure for consistency with Professional version
  • + Added form focus on all forms.
  • + Added a new filter function on the view page.
  • = Removed image buttons and replaced with regular buttons (increased speed etc)
  • + Added icons to let users know where they are in the system.
  • + Added directional sorting. If you want the opposite direction just click on the sort again.
  • + Added debugging function.
  • = Did a lot of asp/html clean up. I've learned a lot since my last release!
  • Fixed a bug in completed statistics
  • Initial release