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Shahn Hogan

OnlineTechTools.com was created by myself, Shahn Hogan, in the summer of 2002. OnlineTechTools.com has no mission statement, headquarters, board meetings, or human resources department.

OnlineTechTools.com is a single person working to write and release quality web-based software for schools and small businesses.

I currently work full time as a Web Developer. In my spare time I write web-based software to meet the needs of schools and small businesses all across the world. Many school district, colleges, and universities have incorporated my web-based software into their help desk process across the United States and beyond. This has helped my customers reduce support costs as well as improve communication between customers, faculty, and staff. Businesses spanning the globe have purchased and are currently utilizing my software.

If you have an idea for software that you think would benefit schools or small businesses please contact me.

Thanks for evaluating my software. I hope you enjoy it!

God Bless,

Shahn A. Hogan