Frequently Asked Questions - Online Work Order Suite (OWOS): Professional Edition -

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Online Work Order Suite Pro, a full featured web-based help desk suite.


    Q. When will Online Work Order Suite Pro be available, and what will the retail price be?
    A. The product is available now. For pricing details, visit the pricing page.

    Q. Is there an upgrade path/price for Online Work Order System or OWOS Lite?
    A. Yes, there is an upgrade path. Please see the pricing page for details.


    Q. What platform will the Online Work Order Suite operate on?
    A. See the requirements page.

General Information

    Q. What does Online Work Order Suite offer that other web-based help desk solutions do not?
    A. Online Work Order Suite was designed from the ground up to be the most intuitive and easy to use web-based help desk solution for all your support needs. The suite also offers support for various database engines including MS Access, MySQL, and MS SQL.

    Q. How many different user types are their and what are they?
    A. There are three different types of users.

    1. User
      A user can submit a request, search the KBase, search and view the FAQ. Users may also view the list of other requests before them (queue).

    2. Technician
      A technician can do everything an administrator can except manage the suite.

    3. Administrator
      The administrator has full access to everything in the suite.

    Q. What type of reporting can the Online Work Order Suite create?
    A. The suite has the ability to run real-time reports at the click of a mouse.

    Q. Will I loose any features if I decide to use MySQL instead of an MSSQL or Access database?
    A. Yes, bar graphs in reports are not available with MySQL database. However all other calculations/features are available.