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Online Knowledge Base System: Lite Edition


Needing a way to track solutions to problems you experienced in the past? The knowledge base system utilizes the following technologies: HTML, Classic ASP, and Microsoft Access.



Microsoft Windows Server 2000 or higher with IIS
128 MB of RAM
20 MB of available hard-disk space


100% ASP

Since Online Knowledge Base System is written in pure ASP code there are no server side components to install making it very compatible with a wide range of web hosts.

Full Access to Source Code

Since Online Knowledge Base System is written in ASP code you have full access to the source code so you can make any customization.

Multiple Keyword Search

By searching with more than one keyword you get more precise results.

Simple form for adding articles

There is a very simple form to add articles. Equipped with a quick preview allowing easy modification.

Articles can contain HTML

All HTML tags are allowed. This gives great freedom to authors with some HTML skill to create great looking knowledge base articles.

Restricted Articles

Knowledge Base authors have the option of restricting an article. A password is required for restricted articles.

Print Articles

Printer friendly versions of all knowledge base articles are available.


The system keeps track of how many times an article is viewed. This allows the system to give more popular results when searching.

View Related Articles

By selecting the "Related" icon users can view other articles in the same category.

Custom Article Categories

Create custom categories to help users view related articles and stay on topic.


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OKBSYS: Lite Edition 1.0 (No Support) - $100.00
OKBSYS: Lite Edition 1.0 (With 1 yr. Support) - $150.00


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