- Online Attendance System (OASYS): Lite Edition 1.0 - Overview

Online Attendance System: Lite Edition


Still having students roam the halls collecting attendance records? Our online attendance web application will solve this problem.


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Pentium processor or higher
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or 2000 Server
IIS 4.0 or higher
64 MB of RAM
10 MB of available hard-disk space


    Password Protected

    Users must login before they can submit attendance.

    Optional Fields

    Two optional fields are included: Lunch Count and Teacher Lunch


    Class periods, teacher names, and teacher lunch types are stored in csv style text files. This allows for them to be easily changed.

    Data Validation

    Attendance submitted by teachers is checked for validation.


    Users can view daily reports for today or yesterday. You also are able to view reports from the individual periods of either day.


    All fields or individual fields are fully searchable by keyword.


Purchase using PayPal by clicking on purchase below the version you would like.

OASYS: Lite Edition for ASP 2.00 (No Support) - $100.00
OASYS: Lite Edition for ASP 2.0 (With 1 yr. Support) - $150.00


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