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  1. Welcome
  2. Configure
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  5. Reports
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  7. Common Errors

1. Welcome
Thank you for choosing Online Attendance System (OASYS): Lite Edition 1.0. OASYS Lite is an easy to use web application for submitting classroom attendance. If this is the first time you have used this software you may want to make your self familiar with the system by reading the rest of the online help.

If you have questions about this product, please visit our web site http://www.onlinetechtools.com/products/oasys/.


2. Configure
To fully configure OASYS you need to edit the following files.

  • common/config.asp - Allows you to set global settings
  • periods.txt - Allows you to set up class periods. Periods are seperated by commas (,).
  • teachers.txt - Allows you to set up teacher's names. Names are seperated by commas (,).
  • teacherlunch.txt - Allows you to set up teacher's lunch options. Lunch options are seperated by commas (,).


3. Login
Allows the user to login to the system.

How do I login?
Enter your password and click on login.

Note: If you have problems logging in with your password please notify support@onlinetechtools.com.


4. Submit New
Allows teacher to submit attendance reports.

  • Class Period
    Select the class period you would like to submit attendance for.

  • Teacher's Name
    Select the teacher's name.

  • Student's Absent
    Pre-populated based on the user's profile. May be altered by the user.

  • Lunch Count
    Enter the number of students eating lunch from your class (0 if none).

  • Teacher Lunch
    Select the type of lunch you are going to have.


5. Reports
Allows you to run attendance reports.


6. Search
Allows users to search for attedance reports based on a keyword.

How do I perform a search?

  1. Type a keyword in the text box provided.

  2. Select a field to search within.

  3. Select the order in which you would like the results displayed.

  4. Click on delete

  5. Your results will be displayed (if your search returns no results try again).


7. Common Errors
If you encounter problems with OASYS please refer to the most common problems below. If you still continue to experience problems please email support@onlinetechtools.com.

Operation must use an updateable query.

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Provider error '80004005' Unspecified error.
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